FL: Tax security form mailing error exposes 1,200 taxpayers’ Form 1098 information

Mike Deeson:

We are learning more about a tax form mailing mixup that is much more wide spread than we originally thought.

The mailing error, which involved Form 1098 mailings, and which affected people as far away as Tennessee, was traced back to an error by a mailing service used by Multi Financial Services:

Ryan is sending out a letter explaining his company hired a mailing service and they are responsible for a mix-up in the printing process.

The mailing service, Modern Mailers, has also written to those affected, and is offering them free credit monitoring.

Form 1098 is a mortgage interest statement that includes names, addresses, mortgage account number, and Social Security Numbers.

Read more on WTSP, and don’t be surprised to see more mailing error breaches reported in the next two months, as it is That Time of the Year.

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