FL: Thousands of personal record files dumped in recycling bin

By Lisa A. Davis and Neil Johnson report:

On Sunday morning, Karen and Scott Keith made their monthly stop at the Land O’ Lakes Recycling center to drop off household recycling items.

When they looked at the paper bin it was not only full to the point of pushing up the lid, it was practically bursting at its seams. Inside were what looked to be thousands of pastel and manila file folders, all with neat tabs attached.

Curious, they pulled out a couple and were stunned to see that they appeared to be medical records, Karen Keith said.

The information inside the files included some that couldn’t be more personal – or dangerous: Social Security numbers, copies of drivers’ license numbers and even credit cards numbers, she said.

Read more on Tampa Bay Online.

Note: at first I thought this might be the same incident as the story reported elsewhere, but it seems to be a different incident.

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