FL: Sensitive Documents Found In Flagler Dumpster

Saul Saenz reports:

Documents belonging to Flagler County were found in a trash dumpster behind the county government building.


“Someone had inappropriately gotten rid of some material that they shouldn’t have,” said Carl Laundrie, a county spokesman.

Laundrie said much of the material was not confidential and could’ve been obtained from the clerk’s office Web site.

However, County Administrator Craig Coffey admitted they gathered as many as 10 boxes worth of material from the trash container that should have been shredded, and later was.

“Apparently one box of it was sensitive material,” Coffey said.

However, News 13 found a document inside the dumpster. It’s from a medical office in Ormond Beach, and belongs to Laurie Went’s 8-year-old daughter.

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