Florida Hospital faces two data breach lawsuits

Paul Brinkmann reports:

Florida Hospital is facing two possible class action lawsuits regarding two separate data breaches of patient information over the past four years.

The hospital is battling both suits, and has recently submitted motions to toss them both out.

The first data breach, revealed in August 2011, involved Florida Hospital employees Dale Munroe and Katrina Munroe combing through thousands of patient records and selling data to lawyers and chiropractors. Both employees were fired and charged criminally.

The second breach, discovered in May 2014, involved two employees printing portions of medical records for at least 9,000 patients for over two years. Those employees were also fired but not named in the lawsuits. That breach was allegedly discovered by state investigators of a criminal case.

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Both of these incidents were covered on PHIprivacy.net and this site.

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