Florida Studio Theatre recovering from ransomware attack

Jay Handelman reports:

Florida Studio Theatre was hit by a ransomware attack on its business systems over Valentine’s Day weekend that compromised some internal office files, but Managing Director Rebecca Hopkins said Thursday there is no evidence so far that any patron information or credit card numbers were affected.

The attack happened on Feb. 12 and “basically shut us down. It shut down our network. We reacted immediately to it, of course, but it was basically a business interruption,” she said.

Read more on Herald-Tribune.

While DoppelPaymer threat actors listed FST as one of their victims on their dedicated leak site on February 24, there is something very odd — or suspicious — about the sample files the threat actors posted as proof of access. One of the files does relate to FST, but the others do not.  Either FST collects what appears to be a number of irrelevant files on their server, or something’s wrong with the dump. DataBreaches.net has sent an email inquiry to FST and will update this post if a reply is received.

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