(follow-up) Ca: Cops called in late on security breach

Jennifer O’Brien reports on the post-breach discussions going on in the Thames Valley School District after a student exposed 27,000 passwords:

There are “many lessons” to be learned from the security breach that left 27,000 Thames Valley student passwords exposed on the Internet, two senior school board educators said Sunday.


In an interview, Tucker stressed administrators at the Thames Valley board took the breach seriously, despite the fact police were not called until the next day.

“I’m absolutely comfortable with the way senior administration responded to the breach. We found out late in the afternoon (Oct. 20), the student portal was shut down, police found out the next morning and at no time was student safety at risk,” he said. “Any e-mails going around were copied to me and I insisted on face-to-face meetings (with administrators handling the breach) because the situation was so serious.”

His comments came in response to a QMI Agency story about records obtained through a Freedom of Information request for internal e-mails relating to the massive breach in which a 15-yearold student is charged.

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