(follow-up) Ca: Defence confirms breach of medical information of Forces personnel

Alison Auld of The Canadian Press provides an update to a breach previously mentioned on this blog:

Defence officials are reviewing the medical records of several Forces personnel after an investigation showed their personal health information was mistakenly placed in a veteran’s military medical file.

Maj. Cindy Tessier said the file belonging to navy veteran Wayne Finn was retrieved and all references to other people’s medical and personal information were severed.


The Department of Defence launched an investigation after Finn found about 30 other service members’ social insurance numbers, blood test results, X-ray reports and dates of birth mixed in with his medical file.

The 49-year-old Nova Scotia man said he still has information referring to about 20 people in his file, even after returning the files of eight others to Canadian Forces Base Stadacona in Halifax where he was serving.

Read more in The Winnipeg Free Press.

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