Follow-up: Forensic audit didn’t reveal any unauthorized access to customer data: Mobikwik

Mint reports:

Payments firm One Mobikwik Systems Ltd on Monday, in its draft IPO prospectus, said that a forensic audit conducted by an independent expert did not reveal any unauthorized access to its customer database in March.

The alleged data breach came to light in March after unknown actors claimed they were selling Mobikwik’s data on the dark web and that this included 99 million mail IDs and phone numbers, data of 40 million saved debit and credit cards as well as know-your-customer (KYC) logs of 3.5 million users.

The Gurugram-based digital payments firm had denied that it suffered such a data breach.

Read more on Mint. While the findings seem to support denials made by Mobikwik in March after a thread on RaidForums claimed to offer their data for sale, the report seems to have included some cautions or qualifications about drawing conclusions:

“The report however states certain limitations to the processes undertaken, including virtual walk-through of our systems, not analysing employee devices and that the review was based on logs made available by us and certain non-mandatory logs were not available for the audit.

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  1. Dave - July 12, 2021

    All these fake unauthorized access denials should be interpreted the same way–
    “We couldn’t find any audit logs that showed unauthorized access. We also didn’t find audit logs that showed authorized access. This is because we don’t have processes in place to generate or safely retain audit logs, like a responsible organization would. However, we hope this fake denial will placate the masses and satisfy any regulators that might be looking at us.”

    • Dissent - July 12, 2021

      At least the firm doing the report pointed out that they didn’t have complete information to work from, etc.

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