(follow-up) NC: Ex-pizza parlor owner gets 5 years for identity theft

Mark Pinella,  the owner of Dino’s Pizza in Fayettevillewho had been charged in May 2009 with multiple counts of ID theft for skimming his customers’ credit and debit cards, has been  sentenced to five years and five months in prison, but given credited for 1 year and 3 months served.  He was also ordered to pay nearly $8,500 in restitution.  Pinella had pleaded guilty in September to charges that stemmed from ID theft cases that began in 2008.

Drew Brooks of the Fayetteville Observer has more of the history and details, including:

Investigators with the U.S. Secret Service, who investigated the identify theft, said Pinella used more than 183 credit card numbers from past patrons for his personal benefit.

Read more on FayObserver.com.

Thanks to ITRC for sending me this link.

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