(follow-up) NY: White Plains Entrepreneur Sentenced to 76 Months in Prison for Identity Theft

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that Terrence Chalk, the former CEO  of Compulinx Managed Services, was sentenced yesterday  to 76 months in prison for his participation in a conspiracy to make false statements and representations to financial institutions in connection with applications for loans, lines of credit, and credit cards, and for the crime of aggravated identity theft for using another person’s Social Security number to seek a line of credit from a bank. As part of the sentence, Chalk was ordered to pay restitution of $750,000.

According to the charging instruments in this case and statements made during the sentencing proceeding and other proceedings in this case:

Chalk, 47, the principal of a White Plains-based computer systems company, and others submitted applications for loans, lines of credit and credit cards, in the names of various business entities controlled by Chalk that contained false information and representations. Some of the applications falsely represented that certain Chalk employees and clients were guarantors for the loans and/or were owners and officers of the various Chalk entities when in fact they were not.

Included in the applications was personal identification information, such as names, addresses and Social Security numbers of the Chalk entities’ employees, agents, or clients, without their knowledge or permission.

Source: FBI

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