(follow-up) Privacy czar orders Ottawa Hospital to tighten rules on personal information

Hugh Adami reports:

The Ottawa Hospital has again been ordered by Ontario’s privacy commissioner to examine its rules and practices relating to personal health information, following another electronic breach of a patient’s medical records.

Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian says in a report that the hospital failed to comply with certain elements of a revised policy. Cavoukian asked the hospital to consider changes following a breach in 2005 that was “strikingly similar” to one she recently investigated.

Allyson Merrison’s story about the unauthorized access of her medical files was reported by The Public Citizen in November. Diagnostic imaging technologist Teri Lynn Allan — the ex-wife of Merrison’s then boyfriend and now husband — accessed her files from July 2008, when Merrison suffered a miscarriage, to April 2009, four months into her second pregnancy.

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