(Follow-up) Secret Service: Computer virus to blame for Jason’s Deli thefts

Janice Broach reports:

Investigators believe credit and debit card thefts at the Jason’s Deli on Ridgeway in Memphis are linked to a virus that infected computers at the restaurant.

“The computers received a virus that was unknown before this event,” Special Agent Rick Harlow of the U.S. Secret Service said Tuesday. “It was a new variation of an older virus. No virus program that we ran against it found it.”

Dozens of customers have reported in recent weeks that their credit or debit card numbers were stolen after being used at the restaurant.

Since word of the thefts began to spread, business has dropped by nearly 50 percent, according to store owner Kent Holt.

At a press conference held outside the restaurant, Harlow said investigators are still not sure how the virus infected computers there.

“It was not Jason’s Deli’s fault that this occurred,” he said.

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