(follow-up) St Albans laptop theft suspect released

Alex Lewis reports:

The man arrested for stealing a laptop computer containing the addresses of thousands of people in St Albans has been released by police without charge.

The 35-year-old Stevenage man, employed by a contractor providing computer services to the authority, was arrested in October after it emerged that a computer with the personal details of every postal voter in the district was missing.

Police spokeswoman Laurel Smithson said: “After an extensive and thorough police investigation, it is unknown whether the laptops were stolen or simply went missing, possibly over a much longer time period.”

Source: St. Albans Review.

That last statement suggests that St. Albans cannot even determine that anyone actually saw the laptop or checked it off on an inventory at some point in time close to the date when it went missing or was stolen. Not good.

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