Food For Files: GoodWill Ransomware demands food for the poor to decrypt locked files

Waqas reports:

GoodWill ransomware attackers share a three-page ransom note asking the victim to perform three tasks to get the decryption key- they want them to donate to the homeless, feed poor kids, and provide financial assistance to a patient in need.

CloudSEK Threat Intelligence Research team has warned about new ransomware dubbed GoodWill Ransomware that can cause temporary to permanent data loss and may also shut down operations, leading to massive revenue losses.

The digital risk monitoring service also reported that they traced the email IDs of the GoodWill Ransomware operators to an Indian IT security solutions/services provider offering end-to-end managed security services.

Read more at HackRead.

If CloudSEK’s report came out in March, what has Indian law enforcement done since then about the links to an Indian firm?  Extorted charity is still extortion, isn’t it?

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