For 3 months Hillary Clinton’s email access was unencrypted, vulnerable to spies

I’ve studiously avoided reporting on this when the purpose was solely political, but there is a security point to be made. Robert Hackett reports:

Security firm Venafi has found that Clinton’s email server may have been open to foreign intelligence snoops when traveling abroad.

On Tuesday, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her first extensive comments addressing her use of a personal email address and private email server while in office, saying that she did not use them to communicate anything confidential but that she wishes she had used a government-issued email address instead. She also sought the “convenience” of a single device.

Venafi, a Salt Lake City computer security firm, has conducted an analysis of and determined that “for the first three months of Secretary Clinton’s term, access to the server was not encrypted or authenticated with a digital certificate.” In other words: For three months, Clinton’s server lay vulnerable to snooping, hacking, and spoofing.

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