Ford Motor Company Hacked By NullCrew

ford_official_logo Hacker collective NullCrew has today announced an attack on Ford Motor Company. The attack comes less than 24hrs after the release of a various account dumps from the united states government including the military. The ford motors hack has been carried out on a subdomain that is running what seems to be an outdated version of wordpress. The website is and its main goal is acting as a social media hub for ford. The leaked data has been announced from twitter via the @OfficialNull account. >  NullCrew ‏@OfficialNull Ford Hacked:  #NullCrew @EduardKovacs@Cyber_War_News @EHackerNews @Anon_Central@AnonOpsLegion @AnonOpsSweden

The leak contains 18 user login credentials that have encrypted passwords. Out of the 18 emails 13 of them belong to administration from which is another ford motor company based website. Other information in the dump is just basic wordpress table layout.

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