Former BPO employee arrested for credit card fraud

Another BPO/outsourcing breach involving an insider:

A former BPO employee was arrested from his Southwest Delhi residence on Sunday for allegedly using stolen credit card details to make purchases worth Rs 11 lakh from an e-commerce website —


Jha, police said, is a commerce graduate from Delhi University’s School of Open Learning and has worked with several call centres in Noida and Gurgaon.

“During his stint at one of the call centres, Jha used to deal with customers from foreign countries, offering them add-on products and computer services. The customers provided him with credit card details to purchase products and services. Later, he used these card details,” Goel said.

Jha chose foreigners to avoid detection, police said.

Read more on The Indian Express.

It would be helpful if media reported the firms the involved call centers supported.

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