Former Desjardins president falls victim to identity theft after data breach

Colin Harris reports:

As millions of Quebecers worry about a data breach at Desjardins Group, the former president of Canada’s biggest federation of credit unions says that he himself is a victim of identify theft.

Claude Béland, president of Desjardins from 1987 to 2000, told Radio-Canada that three companies wrote to him saying that he owed them money.

When Béland contacted the companies to tell them they had made a mistake, they informed him that his social insurance number was on file — despite the fact that he had never done business with them.

Read more on CBC News. It’s not clear to me from the reporting whether Béland is asserting that his ID theft was due to the Desjardins breach or just suggesting that it might be, and CBC doesn’t report when this happened to Béland.

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