Former Florida Hospital employee arrested for providing patient info used for chiropractor and attorney solicitations (updated)

CORRECTION: This blog entry was edited to correct the headline, which originally said that the employee allegedly stole and sold 700,000 patients’ records. While the employee allegedly viewed 763,000 patients’ emergency room information, he allegedly only copied and sold the info of those seen in emergency rooms for motor vehicle accidents.  Other material in this blog entry was deleted or edited accordingly. 

WFTV reports:

After a 10-month FBI investigation into a major security breach at Florida Hospital Celebration, WFTV learned agents have arrested a former hospital employee.

Dale Munroe is accused of accessing more than 700,000 patient records in two years and then selling them.

He worked in the emergency intake area, but investigators said he accessed patient records from several different hospitals across the state.

Last year Florida Hospital placed a nondescript ad in the newspaper, warning that employees had “inappropriate access” to patient records, including dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and even insurance information.

Investigators said Munroe helped himself to information mostly from car accident victims, and sold it to someone who passed it on to chiropractors and attorneys.

Read more on WFTV.

Previous coverage on the Florida Hospital part of the story can be found on this blog here, here, and here.

At the time of this posting, I am not seeing any statement on Florida Hospital’s main web site or on Celebration’s site. Nor has the FBI issued any press release on the case yet.

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