Former Fox Entertainment employee arrested; employee data retrieved from home

On April 9, Fox Group notified (pdf) the New Hampshire Attorney General that Fox Entertainment Group had learned that employee information including names, Social Security numbers and some compensation data had been acquired without authorization by an employee of Fox’s benefits department. The employee was terminated and subsequently arrested. When a search warrant was executed at the former employee’s home, the data were retrieved. “We have no evidence to suggest that this personal information was disseminated by the employee to any third party or otherwise misused,” writes Timothy Lykowski, Vice President of Fox Entertainment Group.

The disclosure does not indicate the total number of employees whose data had been acquired, although 10 of them were New Hampshire residents. The incident occurred in California.

Updated 4-17-09: A copy of an email Fox sent to employees on April 13 was published by and is available on Washington Post. The email indicates that the data theft may have occurred back in 2008.

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