Former Purdue student sentenced for ID theft, fraud

Sophia Voravong reports:

A former Purdue University student was sentenced Friday to one year in prison for an elaborate scheme to obtain credit cards and financial loans using personal information that was stolen from a West Lafayette apartment complex.

Adekanmi Adewola Arojojoye, 22, of Dolton, Ill., pleaded guilty in November in Tippecanoe Circuit Court to fraud on a financial institution, a Class C felony, and identity theft, a Class D felony.

Ten of the 30 apartment tenants who had their personal information stolen reported finding fraud alerts on their credit reports, according to Sean Leshney, an investigator with the Tippecanoe County prosecutor’s office.

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There’s an interesting statement in the news report:

Because the victims’ placed fraud alerts on their accounts, most of Garner and Arojojoye’s efforts were not successful.

Fraud alerts can help. And this is why we need prompt disclosure of breaches with details so that individuals can make informed choices as to whether place a fraud alert on their account.

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