Fort McClellan Credit Union notifies customers after many cases of debit card fraud

Notice from the Fort McClellan Credit Union in Alabama alerts customers, but the breach was not the credit union’s breach. The breach involves an unnamed or as yet unidentified common point of compromise:


During March, 2013, several debit card accounts issued by financial institutions in Calhoun County, Alabama and other nearby communities, were compromised and unauthorized transactions made on these accounts. Local and Federal Law Enforcement authorities are working on the many cases that have been reported by credit union members and bank customers whose accounts have been affected.

During some process yet to be determined by authorities, thief’s and fraudsters were able to obtain account numbers for debit cards from the different financial institutions that appears to have been used by members and customers in a common environment or merchant location. This unauthorized account information was then distributed to other criminal elements on a wide spread basis, after which, the crooks started making unauthorized transactions. The transactions, which were made at merchants located in other states and possibly overseas, were then posted on credit union member’s and bank customers’ accounts here locally.

In order to stabilize the affected accounts and the amounts, the Credit Union is attempting to contact all members whose Debit/ATM Card Account has been compromised and arrange for blocking the accounts and/or issuing new Cards.

Everyone is urged to check their accounts regularly and check your statements immediately. And immediately report any unauthorized transactions to the Credit Union and the Law Enforcement agency in your jurisdiction.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, especially when attempting to use the Debit Card and your account has been “blocked” due to suspicious transactions and we’ve not been able to contact you. The Credit Union processes are an attempt to protect your account as well as Credit Union assets.


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