Forum post claims breach of 850k military based job seekers from

Today a user has posted a new thread to a known forum that makes claim of an breach of over 850,000 US military officers personal information.

The user who goes by the name booloop has also stated that they was given it by an anonymous source earlier this year, has not stated where it came from or who the database belongs to either.

This was given to me by an anonymous source earlier this year, I was lead to believe very few people have this breach. It contains personal info on 850k people who have some type of relationship with the US military. Many ".mil" email addresses.

In what booloop has classed as a semi-public type database is really just a extraction of data from a Elastic search engine that contains 850,729 email addresses with full names and telephone numbers along side. The post linked to file sharing site in the format of a compressed file at 22MB, when expanded becomes 277MB, is named military.core.txt and contains the raw JSON output for 850934 rows of data from index named "core_users_1447139122296".

post of by booloop

When checking the data it is clear there is 35,489 .mil email addresses while there is 218,437 gmail addresses making this a very mixed up set of data; although when checking some of the gmail addresses and the full names associated with them they return results for known US Army officers. Along with the .mil email addresses and other associated emails making links to known officers it helps back the claim that this is military related.

The dates in the data go back to 2002 for create dates and up till late 2017 and they also give a really good indication in to who owns this data. The last 4 rows which was updated 2017-06-26 show 3 "foo bar" test accounts with emails leading to and one with email leading to as well as being the only entry with more than one role type assigned to it, this leads me to belive that the database orginates from them.

At time of publishing claims that they have over 1,364,642 job seekers.

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