Four-fifths of all Irish data breaches come from firms’ employees

Adrian Weckler reports that data breaches are up in Ireland, and too many firms provide staff with insufficient or no training on data protection. Is it any wonder, then, that errors due to human error or employee negligence are so rampant?

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  1. IA Eng - January 22, 2014

    You get what you pay for, thats for sure. A company doesn’t have to dish out millions for training the staff, if they bring the instructor in-house. Cuts down on overall expenses. BUT, do put a do not disturb sign on the training door and let all staff know in advance that unless they want to pay for the extra days to finish the training, they better engage the brain and think.

    Is it a trend? Would this “trend analysis” prevent people from hiring people from Ireland? I am sure many know that typically, the insider breach and human error do rank up there in issues about data privacy.

    I think its would be interesting to see the demographics of how many people are “certified”, errr as in some sort of Computing certification. Any other certifications need not be listed, unless there is a significant uptick in some sort of human behavior that may explain why this country is singled out.

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