Four senior residences in Pennsylvania disclose a data security breach in April

Four senior residences have disclosed that they were the victims of a network intrusion in April that may have compromised residents’ personal and protected health information.

Senior Choice, Inc., dba The Atrium in Johnstown,  Beacon Ridge in Indiana, and The Patriot in Somerset reported an incident that occurred between April 18 and April 23. The intrusion was discovered on April 24. They write, in part:

At this time, the investigation remains ongoing; however, there is evidence that unauthorized actors accessed some internal systems used for business operations during the period between April 18, 2023, and April 24, 2023. There is no evidence that any software systems used directly for resident care were impacted. There has been no impact on the care and services provided to those who reside at the three facilities and our staff continues to provide the highest level of care and services.

The types of information that might have been compromised include: “name, address, birth date, admission date, discharge date, death date, medical record number, provider or facility name, medical condition, diagnosis and/or treatment information, lab results, medications, payment amount history information, insurance payment amount information, date of service, Social Security number, financial account information, credit card number, medical information, health insurance information, driver’s license or state identification number, passport number, and any information on an individual that was created, used, or disclosed in the course of providing health care services.”

The press release does not mention whether any third party was involved or whether there has been any ransom or extortion demand.

At the same time, Williamsport Home, also in Pennsylvania, issued an identical press release.

Although neither press release mentions ransomware, unlike the three Senior Choice facilities’ websites, the Williamsport Home has a notice on its homepage that currently says, “We are currently experiencing an interruption with our phone and internet systems at our skilled nursing and rehabilitation center. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working diligently to fix this as soon as possible.”  If they were attacked in April and are still reporting problems, that sounds like a ransomware attack.

DataBreaches called the established phone line for Senior Choice for the incident and left an inquiry on their recorded line asking (1) whether this was a ransomware incident or if there had been any ransom or extortion demand,  and (2) whether they are associated with The Williamsport Home that had published an identical press release. No reply was immediately received, but the phone number to call for inquiries about the Williamsport Home incident is the same phone number as for the Senior Choice reported incidents.


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