Fr: Activists hack ruling party’s phone numbers

Odd… I didn’t come across this one via my usual resources and am having trouble tracking it down, but media are reporting it, so:

Hackers have published personal details including phone numbers of senior members of right-wing French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s ruling party, claiming the action on behalf of all the party’s “victims”.

The UMP  [Union for a Popular Movement] party’s political leadership held a meeting on Wednesday during which its leader in parliament, Christian Jacob, read out a message from the hackers who posted party leaders’ professional and personal phone numbers online, along with addresses and other personal details.

Read more on The Local.

In related coverage, AFP reports:

It is a crime in France to publish a person’s phone number without their consent and Jacob said he was lodging a formal complaint with the police for violation of secrecy and theft of electronic data.

The numbers, both mobile and landline, of at least 600 ranking UMP members have been published.

One of the news sources I read mentioned that the information also included the number of children the member has.

As of the time of this posting, it is not known what database got hacked or leaked.

If anyone has more details about this, please use the Comments section to let me know.

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