Fr: City of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue victim of ransomware; won’t pay €500,000 demand

Daniel Morin reports (translation):

This is the first time that the city of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Vaucluse) has been the victim of such a computer attack , undoubtedly from abroad. It was 4:42 am exactly this Friday morning when hackers broke into the community’s servers remotely. All files have been encrypted and have been unusable since. “ No file can be exploited and we are being asked for a ransom of 500,000 euros to recover the decryption key! ” Laments Mayor Pierre Gonzalvès.

It will take days of work to get everything right
Fortunately, the municipal data was stored in duplicate in an independent external server. They are therefore not lost, but it will take several days of work for the city’s technical services and IT specialists to recover and reinstall the files, one after the other.

Read more on France Bleu.  They do not identify the ransomware threat actors.  Kudos to the municipality for having a protected and usable backup.

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