FR: Grand Annecy hit by malware attack

And here we go… yet another French city and agglomeration have been hit by malware  Is any French news outlet going to find out and tell us what kind of malware and what the ransom demands are, if there are demands?  Translation from Le Dauphiné follows:

During the night of December 27 to 28, the Greater Annecy agglomeration was the victim of a computer attack which required the shutdown of its servers and applications, making activities requiring the Internet impossible.

Le Dauphiné also reports:

On December 21, the Albertville / Moûtiers (Cham) hospital center in Savoie also had to face a cyberattack which damaged its information system.

The Albertville and Moûtiers hospital sites were then affected, as well as the Ehpad and USLD (long-term care units) Claude Léger in Albertville and Les Cordeliers in Moûtiers.

Read more on LeDauphiné.

h/t, the indefatigable @Chum1ngo, whom I suspect takes malicious pleasure in knowing I have to translate these… 

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