FR: Press statement from Trescal about cyberattack

Trescal describes itself as the global leader in calibration services, and a single-source provider for measurement, repair and asset management. The following is a press release they issued this week:


Paris, April 15, 2021. Trescal is currently the target of a cyber attack affecting servers in some European and Asian countries.

The security of our customers and data is our priority. To protect our customers, employees and partners, we immediately disconnected the affected computer network and launched a comprehensive technical audit.

All of our IT teams are coordinated and mobilized to restore the situation.

Throughout the process, Trescal will remain in contact with its customers, employees, experts and the relevant authorities until the situation returns to normal.

There has been no update since the initial press release, and it is not clear exactly what attack they are talking about that has hit servers in both Europe and Asia. Nor do they indicate what type of cyberattack they refer to, or whether there is any ransom or extortion demand.

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