Fr: Ransomware attack on environmental center resulted in data loss

La Nouvelle Republique reports that the Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives of Gâtine  (CPIE) experienced a cyberattack on April 18 that resulted in irretrievable data loss.

“We had a cryptographic virus that got into our computer server. When we opened the system, all our files had the same name. And if we wanted to decrypt them, we had to pay a ransom to do that,” says Adèle Gamache, director of CPIE, adding:

We have lost everything in terms of files since April 2020: educational tools, booklets, action sheets. 

Read more on La Nouvelle Republique.

On their facebook social network page they warned about the attack:

CPIE Notice

Madam, Sir, dear friend, dear partner,

Under a cyber attack (a crypto-virus), the CPIE cannot ensure its activities and missions in a normal way.

We are working to restore our information system but we already know that we have lost a large part of our files.

Our mailbox is working, so the team is still reachable.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and your indulgence.

The CPIE team

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