France: New “Data Security Kit” Published by the ANSSI

Denise Lebeau-Marianna and Caroline Chancé of DLA Piper write:

…. In order to help organizations perform secure personal data processing and improve the overall digital security in France, the ANSSI has made available on its website (in French), a practical tool supplementing the French data protection supervisory authority’s (CNIL) own guidelines and recommendations on how to implement the GDPR.

The toolkit is composed of a series of information sheets, videos, infographics, guides, simulators, training courses and other documents covering many topics from risk management to best practice in terms of IT hygiene, employee awareness, trusted digital services, etc. organized in 5 main themes:

  • Understanding the digital risk
  • Protection
  • Employee awareness
  • Choosing trusted experts and solutions
  • What to do in case of security incident

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