French CNIL is setting the tone for 2023: patients data and medical research on its radar

Julie Schwartz and Patrice Navarro of HoganLovells write:

CNIL has always been very attentive to the processing of health data and to their security and confidentiality. It regularly publishes content on its website (practical information sheets, guidelines and binding recommendations), and has also made health data security one of its priority topics for its investigations back in 2020 and 2021. It also regularly supports needs of health data localization within the European Union, for example in guidelines regarding early-access programs and health data warehouses. The CNIL also issues and regularly updates its standards for clinical studies, known as Méthodologies de reference (MR) like MR-001 or MR-003 for research involving human beings or MR-004 for research not involving human beings (e.g., for reuse of health data). The CNIL is now taking its efforts even further, kicking off 2023 with an intensified focus on medical research and patient data protection.

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