French pharmaceutical firm involved in packaging anti-COVID vaccines hit by cyberattack

On December 9, the European Medicines Agency reported that it had been a victim of a cyberattack. The announcement was of significant concern because EMA was considering was issuing authorizations for several COVID-19 vaccines. The next day, Pfizer announced that some documents it had submitted to EMA as part of that process had been involved in the cyberattack.

Yesterday, the Fareva group , a pharmaceutical manufacturer headquartered in Luxembourg, announced that it, too, has been the victim of a cyberattack. La Nouvelle République reports (translation):

In addition to the productions carried out for large pharmaceutical groups, such as Viagra, Fareva is preparing to package an anti-Covid vaccine created by a German laboratory CureVac.

It sounds like production has come to a grinding halt and employees are placed on indefinite unemployment leave, but management is not issuing any statement confirming or denying any ransomware attack.  Read more on La Nouvelle République.

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