FritzFrog and Lucifer Monero malware botnets putting more at risk

Jai Pratap reports:

According to a study by Guardicore Labs, a Monero malware botnet known as FritzFrog has been deployed to ten millions of IP addresses. The malware has largely targeted governmental offices, educational institutions, medical centers, banks, and telecommunication companies, installing a Monero mining app known as XMRig. The study explains that FritzFrog uses a brute-force attack on millions of addresses to gain access to servers.

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Elsewhere, Sergiu Gatlan reports:

A hybrid DDoS botnet known for turning vulnerable Windows devices into Monero cryptomining bots is now also scanning for and infecting Linux systems.

While the botnet’s authors named it Satan DDoS, security researchers are calling it Lucifer to differentiate it from Satan ransomware.

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  1. Chad Elliott - August 24, 2020

    Why on Earth are companies not using SSH keys? I can’t understand why they wouldn’t be using them?

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