Fuck FBI Friday see’s @ManTech data leaked

@AnonymousIRC has been building hype all day Friday 29th july, with a fair few lead up tweets and minor releases before the big data dump, in some of the lead up comments was taunts to the FBI and a lulz @ NATO, with the leak being dubbed F**k FBI Friday, or #FFF it comes in normal lulz style for big release’s. @ManTech is basically a a contractor to the FBI and works alongside with firms such as HBGary feral, read more here. One of the minor sneak preview leaks was a document that outlined a contract, titled NC3A Contract, assigned to Mantach from NATO. The first part of the wild leak is just under 400mb, uploaded in torrent format and is documents related to NATO and taxpayers moneys.

So we begin by releasing 400MB of internal data from ManTech, this gives some insight on how they are wasting the tax payer’s money. Most of the documents in this first batch are related to NATO who, you may recall, made some bold claims regarding Anonymous earlier this year:

Some noteable tweets leading up to the leak. > AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC | While the FBI is still busy figuring out how to arrest an idea, #FFFriday booty is being unloaded. #FreeMercedes #OpPaypAl #AntiSec If you don’t remember who @ManTech is background: https://wiki.echelon2.org/wiki/Mantech Nice client list you have thar! Hello NSA! #AntiSec AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC Did we accidentally PDFHost again? Oh my. Have you heard or cloudflare? Anyway: https://pdfcast.org/pdf/ohai-thar-mantech#AntiSec #FFF AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC Hmm, @FBIPressOffice@ManTech, U mad? #Anonymous @LulzSec #AntiSec #Voice #OpPayPal #FFF #FFFriday https://pdfcast.org/pdf/ohai-mantech AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC We’ll release about 500 megabyte of this shit by today. A real fun #FFF. And yes , NATO, this was your leak. Expected us? #AntiSec #FFFriday A Wild Release Appears: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6571301-Fuck FBI Friday III: ManTech Mayhem | Have fun 🙂 #AntiSec #FFFriday #FFF

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