Fulton County clinic dumps sensitive medical records in plain sight

Dante Renzulli reports:

A Fulton County clinic is caught dumping medical records in a place where identity thieves could easily get to them.

On Thursday, CBS46 discovered the dumpster sitting right in front of the South Fulton Mental Heath Center contained hundreds of medical records.

We didn’t even have to come in the middle of the night. CBS46 reporter, Dante Renzulli, was able to grab the documents out of the dumpster right in front of employees in the parking lot.

An investigation suggests that this was not just a simple error, but vindictive action. A follow-up report by the same reporter explains:

Fulton County officials are confirming the employee at the center of a data breach investigation worked at the South Fulton Mental Health Center for a number of years and had access to all the documents in question.

“There’s at least one disgruntled employee who’s responsible for this,” said Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves.

Officials won’t identify the employee, but suggested the person was upset about the county’s plan to outsource mental health services.

Read more on CBS46.


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