Fun Publications Admits To Security Breach, Apologizes for Inconvenience

Peter Van reports:

Fun Publications has sent out a message to all Transformers Club members this weekend notifying the members that there was indeed a security breach related to their e-commerce database.

In a written statement sent to members, Brian Savage says that “Fun Publications has determined that there is a security issue with our e-commerce systems.”

Citing that members’ information submissions assisted in determining the flaw, Mr. Savage also says that the source and the extent of the breach is currently unknown, but that multiple parties are assisting in finding out the source of the breach.

He apologizes for the inconvenience this breach has caused and suggests that members continue to be vigilant on their credit cards and activities on accounts with similar login information (Tformers Community member Robimus Prime says that his PayPal account was also compromised).

Also, consider maybe replacing any cards that may have been used to make a purchase on the club’s store within the last year.

Read more on TFormers, where they’ve also reproduced the firm’s full statement on the incident.

Reports of the breach first emerged earlier this month, with members reporting credit card fraud. The company did not confirm the breach until weeks later, however, claiming that they had to investigate and confirm first before they could say anything publicly:

We know that this issue has been a huge topic of discussion on all of the boards for the past few weeks. However, we are required to investigate to determine and confirm a security issue thoroughly before making any public statements. This is why we put out a general alert statement two weeks ago.

Until the analysis is finished (can take several weeks) we don’t know if the shut down by our former (Jan 31st) e-commerce provider caused the security issue or not. We do know that it has not been limited to those who have purchased before the change to our new provider.

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