Further 268MB of data leaked from AAPT

9y97lg8rkgdk7du1u20eAs before Anonymous Australia hacktivist have been leaking data late tonight. About an hour ago we did a small report on the first part of the partial leak then followed by another article about the first 80mb leak. Now they have just announced a further 268MB of data which comes from two CSV files. The data appears to of been censored so no major personal information has been leaked to the public although they have left some minor personal information in one of the files. Both leaks have been announced from the same twitter account as before and uploaded to the same sites with mirrors. > naSignal ‏@nas1gnal #AAPT#OpAustralia#Leak@YourAnonNews@AnonOpsSweden@AnonymousIRC@Par_AnoIA@Gardenslayer@Op_Australiahttps://bayfiles.com/file/ikZ1/TYy4OR/CLY_Table_site-Accounts.tar.gz …#mirror #AAPT #OpAustralia #Leak @YourAnonNews @AnonOpsSweden@AnonymousIRC @Par_AnoIA @Gardenslayerhttps://bayfiles.com/file/ikP7/jbYaFh/CLY_Table_Contact.tar.gz … @Op_Australia

They have also announced another leak that was dumped to paste bin and is claimed to be government accounts. > #AAPT#OpAustralia#Leak@YourAnonNews@AnonOpsSweden@AnonymousIRC@Par_AnoIA@Gardenslayer@Op_Australiahttps://pastebin.com/CAh3y4TN #GovAccounts

They have also stated that this leak will continue for the following weeks with much more data to come. So far all data has been censored so if this is the case for the rest of the coming data then it would appear they have a lot of work ahead of them.

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