Further information Leaked from the Major Airlines Hack by .c0mrade

.c0mrade has just posted a new pastebin paste that contains a bit of information related to the other days breach airlines leak just after he became "white hat". Well now they have leaked further data which appears to be a few flight passenger manifests and a warning for the government. In the warning he states that they have ignored him for 3 days now and if they continue to slam him as a terrorist and ignore him, he will release more data in the coming weeks.

Don’t you love how hypocritical our Government is? I personally don’t. They’ve ignoring the matter for about 3 days now and they’re ruling it a, "terrorist threat." – Here’s the deal, my minions, each week, if I don’t get a response, I’ll leak information that lies within the Airports. Fluently, this includes: Passports, Credit Cards and Software Vulnerabilities. Here’s proof that I was ignored: https://i48.tinypic.com/8x3mg9.png I helped them resolve some of the security issues and now they’re ignoring the matter not knowing that this could expend much, much further. Here you go, folks. Vietnam Airlines is our first. [+] American Airlines [+] Sabre Airlines Will be next in the coming weeks if I don’t hear from these companies. Let’s go! [+] Flight Info I want to help you. Swallow it and comply. Don’t ignore it. Millions are potentially at risk.

So as you cans ee there is threats to do the same to  american airlines and sabre airlines if there is no response within a few weeks. Will this happen? most likely will as its not very common for these big company’s to even communicate with the hackers, they tend to just go right to the law side of things and let them deal with it.

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