further Israeli Credit Cards Leaked for #OpfreePalestine by @Par0xysm

content/images/gallery/opfreepalestine/cards1.png A hacker using the handle @Par0xysm has dumped a fairly big load of credit cards and left a message for Israeli. The leak which was announced about 12hrs ago via twitter and posted on pastebin contained the following message.

Message to Israel, I have noticed the corruption and lies you send to your people. We, hackers, have had enough of this. A revolution is occuring, and if you think you’re not a target, you are sadly mistaken. You raid the Gaza Strip, you raided Palestinian TV Stations, you murder and torture innocent civilians, yet you believe you can go without harm. Groups, leaderships, and the people have constantly warned you about your mistakes. You turn the other ear, being as selfish and arrogant as you are, and you believe you are helping change nations. There are many innocent children being beaten and shot by your soldiers. Many wives, mothers, and daughters, being raped over and over again by your soldiers. Many men recruited, and if they decline, would have to face the death penalty, all under your soldiers and your command. Your time of reign is over, take this as a message from the world, We are watching. We will react. We will act. We will cause change. Sincerely, Paroxysm and other hackers.

The leaked data has been uploaded to mediafire and contains few files with credit card information as well as a bunch of other useless files such as styling and error reporting. The file was announced via twitter with @Par0xysm calling for it to be mirrored ‘ #IsraHell credit cards leaked. |     https://www.mediafire.com/?7nnwlg350aact1d | MIRROR THE SH*T OUT OF THIS#OpFreePalestine #OpSaveIraq ‘ #Opfreepalestine has been going for some time now and it would seem that Israeli is still a hot target for hackers and will most likely be one for a long time coming.

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