Further sites attacked for #OpFreeAssange

thekiwiboatbrzil #OpFreeAssange has been picking up over the past few days with more attacks happening every day. some of the most recent attacks come from @WikiboatBR with a bunch of defacement’s and a hacker using the handle @0x3a0x3a who has dumped a load of breached FTP systems. All the attacks have happened some time over the past 48hrs and it would appear that dlink, United kingdom government and other company’s have been targeted in these attacks. > www.history.knowsley.gov.uk www.nag.co.uk www.dlink.co.uk www.mcc.ac.uk www.tex.ac.uk www.sanger.ac.uk www.gsfc.nasa.gov www.navy.mil www.washington.edu

Sites attacked by @WikiboatBR > https://groups.physics.ox.ac.uk/default/ #Leaks:https://pastebin.com/fHn0JcJ8 https://www.londoncityinstitute.com #Leaks:https://pastebin.com/s46YM5mn https://cribcleaners.co.uk/ https://www.beerstreet.co.uk https://www.bluebearsystems.co.uk/ https://www.bbsr.co.uk/ https://livingishealthy.com/ https://archerybeds.com/ https://inglepingle.co.uk/ https://londoncitystreets.co.uk/ https://vocarillon.co.uk/ https://fmht.co.uk/ https://avaperslife4me.co.uk/ https://dust514-fan.co.uk/ https://cheap-electronic-cigarette.co.uk/ https://www.halo-electronic-cigarettes.co.uk https://www.emmanuellechazarin.co.uk https://www.edinburghskeptics.co.uk https://bankhead-house.co.uk https://www.solutions4land.co.uk/ https://www.staffslc.gov.uk/

It also appears that @0x3a0x3a has released a proof of concept code as well as a code that allows an attack on british MP Peter hain‘s website which was attacked yesterday with a defacement. https://pastebin.com/u/0x3a0x3a https://pastebin.com/iL33xnH4

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