G2 Secure Staff hacked and massive amount of Accounts and information leaked

Kahuna has hit another american airport system leaking a huge amount of accounts and personal information. Funny enough this comes from G2Secure, a provder for the american Aviation/Airline Staffing and Security Solutions. It sort of proves that they have failed to secure the data of the people who are ment to secure the american airports. The leak contains a range of different information from account logins, emails, usernames, personal names, address’s and stuff along those lines. All passwords are encrypted, the leak comes in 4 parts. see the first https://pastebin.com/sPLUK7xr https://pastebin.com/hawwWaSm https://pastebin.com/E0m2DdcS https://pastebin.com/SiFPW95f

About the author: Lee J

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