GA: 9,000 victims in Gwinnett ID theft case

This is a follow-up on reports that started appearing in April of this year. Authorities originally estimated that there might be 5,800 victims, but it seems the number has climbed. Amanda Moyer reports:

More identity theft cases stemming from a bust earlier this year are coming to light. Police say the total is up to nearly 9,000 and for the first time, one of the victims is speaking out.


In April, Duluth police arrested Annette Ford after detectives found stacks of documents containing names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers inside her home. Authorities say Jeanette Adams’ name was among them.

Police say Ford owned a business called E-Pro Tax Service that was registered with the secretary of state’s office.

Read more on  I’d still like to know how Ford got billing information from a local and unnamed hospital and whether the hospital ever reported the incident to HHS.

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