GA: Camden sheriff among victims of recent debit card fraud

There have been a rash of debit/credit card fraud reports in the media recently.  In none of the situations has the point of compromised yet been identified, but I’m including them on this blog when I come across them in the hopes that one day, we will find out what happened.  Here’s another one from today’s news, reported by Teresa Stepzinski:

WOODBINE — Camden County Sheriff Tommy Gregory found himself in an uncomfortable situation all too familiar to hundreds of Southeast Georgia residents recently.


Debit and credit card fraud is a year-round problem, Southeast Georgia law enforcement officials say, but the number of cases reported has spiked in recent weeks, particularly in Camden County.

“We’ve probably had at least 400 cases in the county that we know of … and that includes cases handled by us, the Kingsland Police Department and the St. Marys Police Department,” Gregory said. “We get these complaints throughout the year but we’ve had a big increase in the last three weeks.”

It’s likely the number of victims in Camden and neighboring counties is “in the thousands,” with new cases reported daily, said Sheriff’s Office spokesman William Terrell.

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