GA: Gwinnett Medical Center investigating possible data breach

Update:  After posting the article below, this site was contacted by the Twitter user who was posting data on Twitter, @baidu3250617231 provided additional proof, including pictures allegedly taken from an Axis camera. Other details were also provided to Steve Ragan of Salted Hash.

Steve Ragan of Salted Hash has a possible breach report involving Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) that is extremely short on details because GMC has not really been answering his questions with straightforward answers.

Basically, Salted Hash is reporting that some attackers allege that GMC was hacked and they allege that the center is covering it up/denying it, even though patient data has been showing up online.

At this point, has no proof that GMC was hacked, but it is true that there are some data posted online that could be patient data. At this point, even that is not confirmed.  Nor do we know whether the data, if it is GMC data, was actually hacked or if there was a misconfiguration and leak that is being called a “hack.”

There is a lot that is confusing about the allegations as the entity tweeting about the “hack” claims to be offering to help GMC by providing free Lifelock protection for victims of data breaches.

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense to me, either, so I’ve reached out to the entity to see if they’ll be willing to show me some proof or at least talk to me about it all.

This post will be updated or a new post will be created if/when I get more information.

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  1. baidu325061723607132 - October 3, 2018

    read your twitter feed for more proof

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