GA: Hundreds at risk for ID theft after info was taken from charity

Rachel Stockman reports:

Melanie Miller, founded Suddenly Single Parents Inc., a non-profit that helps young parents, said she found all of the agency’s belongings gone after her property management company hired a mold remediation company to cleanup the office on Gresham Road.

When she returned from the weekend clean up, the charity’s stuff, including furniture and debris, were piled up outside the office. The important items, like laptops, client files and computers were gone.

Read more on WSB-TV.

This is obviously not the first time we’ve seen a landlord or property management firm cause or contribute to a breach, but it’s still concerning. There is no statement as to whether the data on the laptops were encrypted, but even if they were (and if I had to bet, I’d bet they weren’t), the paper files contain enough information for ID theft.

There is no statement on the non-profit’s web site as of the time of this posting.

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