GA: Ransomware attack cripples Oglethorpe County school system

Lee Shearer reported this on Friday, but I haven’t found any updates and there is nothing currently on the school district’s web site:

Oglethorpe County students stayed home Thursday and Friday — not because of COVID-19, the main reason for school closings these days, but because the rural school system was hit with a ransomware attack.

The attack took down computer and phone systems.

Oglethorpe students won’t return to class before Nov. 30 as they are out next week for the Thanksgiving holiday.

There was no indication as to what type of ransomware this was or who the threat actors are and there is no notice on their web site (only on Facebook). So far, Oglethorpe has not shown up on any of the dedicated leak sites used by about a dozen different ransomware groups. Of course, there are many more than a dozen ransomware groups or threat actors.

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