GA: Sandy Springs man charged with ID theft

David Ibata reports:

A Sandy Springs man is in Fulton County Jail, charged with more than 100 counts of identity theft, after police investigating the odor of burning marijuana discovered much more than pot in the man’s apartment, authorities said.


Investigators spotted a notebook containing people’s names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and PIN numbers, as well a Social Security card and birth certificate in one person’s name, and a TurboTax Visa debit card in another’s, according to a police report.

Chapman allegedly admitted that he had obtained personal data from a website that sells individuals’ account information, and had filed as many as 30 tax returns in other individuals’ names this year and had gotten about $30,000 in refunds for about half of them, police said.

Read more on AJC. And he allowed the police to search his home….. why??

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