GA: Thefts reported at OB/GYN offices in Gwinnett

Christopher Seward reports:

The Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society said Saturday its offices in Suwanee were burglarized and computers with information on its membership were stolen.

It’s not clear to me from the spokesperson’s statement, however, whether they believe that this was a targeted theft related to their lobbying against anti-abortion or bills or for some other more typically criminal purpose:

“The computer equipment contained the membership of the association as well as financial and other administrative information,” Byck said. Efforts to obtain more information on the break-in from Gwinnett County authorities were unsuccessful Saturday.

The group has been fighting anti-abortion bills being considered in the state General Assembly. It has been active since 1951 and has more than 950 members. Its offices are on Tench Road in Gwinnett.

“It is a shame that this non-profit, physician association responsible for advancing the cause of providing quality care to Georgia’s women and their unborn children was the victim of such a crime today,” Byck said. “The police officers said that the break-in looked well planned and it’s frightening that the personal and family information of our membership has been stolen. There cannot be a good intent behind such a crime.”

Read more on AJC. There’s no mention of whether the drive was encrypted, and if not, why not. There’s also no mention of whether members’ SSN or credit card information or employees’ SSN, date of birth, and salary information were stored on the drive.

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