GA: University employee charged with felony

Jacob Demmitt reports:

A University [of Georgia] employee with access to sensitive student information was arrested and charged with one count of felony theft by extortion Monday evening, and police said they expect their investigation to lead them to more student victims.

Dorin Dehelean, an Internet technology security analyst associate for Enterprise Information Technology Services, was arrested after Laura Elizabeth Adams, a 25-year-old University student, told police he had attempted to extort her on Jan. 25, according to University Police.

Because of his position, Dehelean was given student names attached to IP addresses, which music industry officials said were committing copyright infringement.

Although this information is typically used by student judiciary, police said Dehelean attempted to use it to extort Adams.


“Information we have makes us believe he’s had contact with other victims,” Williamson said. “We are running down leads that may lead to other individuals.”

Police have not ruled out the involvement of other University employees.

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